Who can go on Trek?

  1. Youth must turn 14 years old in 2024 to attend. If you won’t be, we will have to catch you on the next Trek. Seniors who will graduate this spring are welcome to attend Trek.
  2. Each youth must submit a Registration Form and Permission/Medical Release Form which should be submitted to your ward leaders.
  3. Adults must be assigned to go.
  4. No pregnant women can attend Trek without a written doctor’s consent. No babies or children are allowed on Trek.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes!  Inviting friends is encouraged.  Invite as many friends as you’d like!  Just have them submit to your oward YW/YM leaders a registration form, a permission slip/medical release form and $75 payment.

What is the cost?

The cost for Trek is $75 for each youth.

How long is our trek trail?

The trek trail at Riley’s Farm is 15 miles.  We will walk 7 miles the first day, 4 miles the second day and 4 miles the third day.  That’s it!  Challenging, but completely doable—especially when you prepare by walking a little more each day between now and June 20th.



What do we wear?

Dressing in pioneer clothing can have a tremendous impact on the spirit of Trek.  All youth and adults who are participating in any aspect of Trek are to wear pioneer clothing.  Please see What to Wear page for detailed information.  The youth are not required to make their clothing.  There are many thrift shops where a pioneer outfit can be put together.  We will be having a Trektivity night where the the youth can learn to sew.  The youth can make bonnets, aprons and/or skirts for the girls to wear and learn how to adapt collared shirts to “pioneer style”.

The Packing List list will give you the specifics on what you’ll need to pack for trek.

Do I need to prepare to go on Trek?

Yes!  Both physical preparation and spiritual preparation and very important.

Begin exercising and preparing physically for all the walking you will be doing. Visit PHYSICAL PREPARATION for other suggestions.


Some of the best spiritual preparation you can do is to complete the Faith in Every Footstep Challenge. Prayerfully choose which goals to complete.

Another way to prepare is by finding a “pioneer” in your life. Perhaps you have a pioneer ancestor who crossed the plains.  Maybe your pioneer is your grandfather who joined the Church while fighting in Vietnam.  Or, was it your mother who joined during high school?  Everyone has a pioneer in the gospel, even if that pioneer is you.  Find “your pioneer” and be prepared to share their story during the Trek.

We will also be making a bracelet with their name embossed so you can remember them on your journey.


So, I have to go to the bathroom ...

The site has portable toilets fixed on a flatbed trailer that travels with the group.

What about water?

Drink lots of it!!  There will be a water cooler attached to each handcart so you can easily refill your water bottle.  A 500 gallon tank of water is pulled on a trailer with our group.  You’ll always have plenty of water.