Find Your Ancestors

Pioneer Stories

We would like each person on the trek to bring with them (either written or in mind) a short story of a pioneer ancestor. This can be a pioneer or a recent ancestor such as a grandpa who listened to the missionaries and joined the church or was a good example to you in some other way. You will have an opportunity to share this story with your trek family. We will also be making a bracelet with their name embossed so you can remember them on your journey.

How to find my Pioneer Ancestor’s Story

Ask your Mom, Dad, Grandma, or Grandpa:  Do you remember stories of my ancestors?  Where can I find these stories?  Some families have books or journals where you can read your ancestors story in their own words.  A few family’s stories live on only by word of mouth.  Perhaps you will be the one to write down the story after interviewing your Grandpa!

Find at

Millions of stories exist in this data base. And it will easily lead you to find your ancestors and their stories.
1) on any computer go to
2) click the “Get Started” button
3) enter username and password
If you don’t know your username or password, don’t stop here! Ask your parents, YM/YW Leader, Ward Clerk or Bishop. It will be easy for them to help you.
4) Follow the prompts to find your place on your family tree, then the prompts to find the memories of your ancestors before you.
It’s very easy! Please try it out!