Make Sure you get in shape!


Treks are physically demanding. Participants should be physically fit enough to safely hike the distances involved, unless they have a limiting disability. Each person should be able to walk three miles on level ground in 60 minutes or less without undue stress. Taking practice hikes and preparing to walk uphill will also be beneficial. Many participants will benefit from improving their physical fitness before a trek. For more information, see “Get in Shape” on .org. 

Physical PREP

To physically prepare yourself for the Trek, here are some general guidelines:

  • Walk, run, bike, or swim for 30 minutes three times per week. Progress to 60 minutes three –five times per week.
  • Physical activity of choice i.e. basketball, tennis, dancing, aerobics, weight lifting, gymnastics, soccer, etc.
  • Find a comfortable pair of athletic shoes or hiking boots (If you will need new shoes, now is the time to buy them so you have time to break them in.)
  • Practice consuming water while exercising- get your body used to this.
  • As we get closer to trek, take several uphill walks until it is not taxing for you to do so.

Take care of your FEET

  • Plan on doing a couple of walks with the shoes you will be taking on trek, along with a light backpack. If you feel hot spots forming, stop! Go home, rub your feet with rubbing alcohol and let them dry out. This should allow you to form calluses that can protect you on the trek.
  • Walking barefoot whenever you can will help you develop leathery soles that give added protection
  • Rubbing your feet with Benzoin can be done to toughen up the skin on your toes, heels & soles
  • Check your toenails for ingrown or sharp edges – trim them short before going hiking
  • If you have parts of your feet that are known to develop blisters quickly, cover them with moleskin before taking the first step

Drink your WATER

You will need LOTS of water on the Trek. Take a bottle of water on those walks, and in general increase your intake of water. REDUCE the amount of soda and/or sugar drinks you consume as the Trek nears – you will not have canned pop on the Trek.